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Where to go on safari in Tanzania?

Where to go in Tanzania?

A very tough question; let us break it down.

Northern Tanzania

Tanzania's Northern safari parks are simply put, iconic, especially if you go to the legendary Serengeti National Parkhome to The Great MigrationHere, you can also see the renowned  Ngorongoro Crater, the beautiful Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara.

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Southern Tanzania

Tanzania's Southern safari parks is perfect for those who are after something more raw, private, adventurous yet luxurious. The National Parks, Nyerere and Ruaha, are less travelled compared to Tanzania's Northern Parks and offer fantastic walking and water based activities.

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Western Tanzania

Tanzania's Western safari parks, Katavi and Mahale, is going off the beaten track. Due to the relative costs and inaccessibility of the region, only those ready to invest time and money tend to be able to get out here, which is a shame as this is an outstanding region of Africa.

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Zanzibar Archipelago

A tropical paradise just a short scenic flight away, the Zanzibar Archipelago is a unique blend of Africa, Arabia and Europe. Popular as a post-safari choice, a holiday here can also be a great stand-alone escape. From any safari location in Tanzania you can reach the beach within a few hours.

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Tanzania's National Parks

Each of Tanzania’s parks, reserves and regions promises a unique safari experience with a fantastic variety of wildlife. Explore our range of safari locations or if you are looking for some inspiration, speak to one of our Tanzania safari experts.


Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge .jpeg

The Ngorongoro Crater


Tarangire National Park


Lake Manyara


Nyerere National Park




Mahale National Park


Katavi National Park


Ruaha National Park

Tanzania's Safari Circuits


Northern Tanzania


Southern Tanzania


Western Tanzania


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