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Mahale National Park

Western Tanzania

Mahale National Park

Renowned for its chimpanzee safaris, Mahale Mountains National Park, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, is exceedingly remote and utterly magical.

Located in the far West of Tanzania, Mahale Mountains National Park is home to clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and lush rainforested mountains that rise from Lake Tanganyika's indescribably clear waters. Touring around remote and untouched Mahale is an unforgettable way to encounter Africa's last remaining wild chimpanzees.

Famous for its chimpanzee trekking, Mahale is home to around 800 to 1,000 wild chimpanzees split across approximately 12 separate communities, including the famous Mimikire clan, also known as the M group. Habituated by researchers since 1965, this group of around 56 chimps go where they want, when they want and are accustomed to the presence of humans, so it's possible to track and observe them from very close range. The trek to reach the Mahale chimpanzees can vary from a gentle stroll of 30 minutes to a more demanding 3 hour hike, depending on the time of year. Mahale's chimp safaris are at their easiest during the dry season, between August and October, when the chimps tend to come close to the lakeshore, and the forest paths are at their driest. To spend an hour in the company of these fantastic animals going about their daily lives is a pleasure and a privilege.

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