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What to wear on a Tanzania Safari

Updated: Feb 25

Follow our top safari clothing advice tips below and you'll be comfortable, protected and assured that the clothing you pack is safari suitable.


Morning and evening game drives are likely to be cold (sometimes very cold) as the sun is just rising or setting, and there can be wind. However, as the sun rises or sets, it quickly gets hot or cold, so wearing layers that allow you to adapt is the perfect preparation.


Neutral-toned colours such as shades of khaki, greens, greys and browns are best suited for when on safari. Not only does it help you blend it into the environment, but you engage with the spirit of being on safari.


The African sun is hot and intense, so we recommend packing a hat, sunglasses and sun cream. Wide-brimmed hats are perfect for those being cautious.


When choosing footwear, consider that there can be inch-long thorns on the floor, so ask yourself, will this shoe stop a thorn? Walking shoes are perfect and trainers are good too (with the added advantage of being easier to transport). We also suggest packing a pair of hot weather shoes (boat shoes/sandals/flip-flops etc).


If you are finishing your safari on the beach, don't forget your beachwear! Temperature highs and lows are less extreme on the beach than on safari, and you are not getting up at 5 am, so normal beachwear will be adequate.


Luggage restrictions on internal flights mean that packing lightweight is key. Don't forget most camps provide in-house laundry, so if you're worried about weight restrictions, remember you can wash as you go.


This is important to keep this in mind, as the light aircraft have incredibly strict rules pertaining to luggage. Your bags must be soft sided and weigh no more than 15kg's. We recommend a sturdy canvas duffle bag. Extra baggage allowance can be bought but can be expensive - please discuss this with us.


And finally, we suggest bringing a handkerchiefs. They serve many purposes! They’re great for covering your camera if a bit of dust comes along, wiping away dust and sweat from your face and even dampening with some water to wrap around your neck in the warmer parts of the day. They also offer some added protection from the sun if needed.


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