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Kuro Tarangire

Tarangire National Park

Kuro Tarangire

Kuro has one of the best locations in Tarangire National Park equipped with some of the best guides in the country. A truly great property.

Like all Nomad camps, the camp was designed to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. The main area blends well into its surroundings, and there are only six stylish and comfortable tents, meaning you share this beautiful place with very few others. The tents are decorated in classic neutral safari colours, while the main area has a thatched grass roof. Each tent is ensuite with a bucket shower and eco-flush toilet.

For those who want to experience the magic of walking safaris, Tarangire is the perfect place in Northern Tanzania to do so. Heading out with your armed guide and ranger, being on foot in the bush will allow you to explore and understand the smaller components of safari, from the mighty dung beetle to the tiny termite. With Tarangire's abundance of wildlife, do not be surprised to come across the parks bigger inhabitants.

The other speciality available in Tarangire is the availability to night drive. Heading out after dinner shows you a completely different Africa to the one you see by day and should not be missed. Lesser-spotted animals like servals and aardwolves are all seen regularly on a Tarangire night drive, making it a must for any safari enthusiast.

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