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Record breaking safari season in 2023. Book now for 2024!

As we prepare for what is set to be a record breaking safari season in 2023, we would like to provide you with an insight in to rate trends for Tanzania safaris next year.

Following a projected increase of between 5% to 10% by numerous partners throughout the region, we have noted the below from 2024 published rates to date:

- An average increase of 10% in Tanzania

- Increases in excess of 30% for certain property partners in Tanzania following extensive renovations or additional safari inclusions

Compared to the rest of East Africa

Kenya - an average increase of 10% in Kenya

Rwanda - an average increase of 7% in Rwanda

Why are we telling you this?

If you book now you may be able to beat the price increase, you also might be able to secure early booking discounts - this will help counter the increase.

UK clients

Tanzania safaris are all costed in US dollars over their local currency. The £ has strengthened in recent weeks and this can make a noticeable difference to your total costing.

US clients

There is a noticeable trend that US clients travel for longer periods than UK clients. With demand for safaris so high, we urge you to book further in advance so we can secure the right camp combinations to unlock various savings.


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