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Namiri Plains

Serengeti National Park

Namiri Plains

This remote camp is also a conservation initiative, protecting an area crucial to cheetah and other big cats.

Namiri Plains is positioned along the Ngare Nanyuki River in the eastern Serengeti. As it’s one of the few locations in the eastern Serengeti with permanent underground water sources, game viewing is excellent. The seasonal riverbed is where plains game, such as zebras or reedbuck, come to quench their thirst, making it an ideal spot for viewings. It’s no surprise that predators have cottoned on to this, too. Keep an eye out for lions lurking nearby, ready to ambush their next meal.  

The short grass of this area makes it popular with cheetahs, who can more easily chase down their prey. It is particularly gratifying to see cheetahs here, as this part of the Serengeti was closed for around 20 years to allow the population to recover. It’s now a haven for these big cats, as well as lions and a few leopards.

The migration heads toward Namiri between October and May. During this period, you may see the plains covered in wildebeest, gathered here to feast on the lush grass.

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